Many singles in our times are treading on paths that is causing them much confusion, pain and disappointment in their quest for love and healthy marital relationships. Others are fishing from the wrong ponds. The NSCPC is a call for all singles to SHIFT positions. There are yet those who are married but are rolling their marriage on rocky and thorny pathways because they are having the wrong expectations in their relationships or are refusing to speak the language of love best suited for their spouse. This conference is a call to SHIFT. It is a call to SHIFT from unhealthy practices in marital relationships to sound biblical practices required for every successful relationship. It is a call to SHIFT from the place of prayerless and cumbersome search for a life-partner to a purposeful and prayerful search for same. It is the season to SHIFT into having meaningful and fulfilling relationships, whether single or married.

We know that the mainstream culture of the 21st century has posed several challenges and complications on the issue of love, dating, relationships and marriage. At an early age, these subjects quickly take dominance in the thoughts and lives of young people. Without guidance and insight, many people have created untold pain and heartache for themselves. Others have been misled into being engaged with relationships that has frustrated their lives in many ways.

As a Ministry, we have been fruitfully involved in organizing relationship seminars that would bring enlightenments and guidance to many of the singles as they form the great majority of young people. In this year’s special in-person gathering, we intend to make the experience one that would bring relevant and experienced resource persons to the table to engage in a dialogue that would bless our audience. We also trust that the Conference would provide a powerful platform for prayer and networking as young people meet and fellowship among themselves

There are four main objectives:

  1. To bring singles in the ministry together for the purposes of learning, interaction and networking among themselves.
  2. To create an opportunity to pray for future marital prospects.
  3. To decode the mystery of being a satisfied single, and yet a good fisher, a good finder.
  4. To give young professionals the room to network for the purposes of academic and career advancement.

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