Our Vision


The Church of Pentecost, USA, is a Bible believing Church which takes its roots from the Church of Pentecost, worldwide, headquartered in Accra, Ghana. The Church ‘s mission is to bring all persons worldwide into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the teaching of the gospel, the planting of Church es and the equipping of believers for every God-glorifying service, as well as to impacting communities.

  As the Church continues to grow both in location and through spirited-Christians in various job places, the leaders have the vision to create a platform to bring all the   professional groups within the Church to foster professional development and mentorship. The Church needs everyone who has set themselves to excel in a chosen field; we need the God-given skills of the professional body, their commitment to a greater cause; and above all, the heart that is set on wanting to do something good to impact present and future generations.

 The scope of this organization is to define the mission, vision, objectives, and goals for the Church to productively tap into the human and technical resources of its members. We passionately believe that God has called us to be generational changers who influence the Church and the wider community for good. If we were to tap into these combined resources and leverage our experiences, we passionately believe that we can have exponential impact, both in ministry and in the wider global community.

    Who we are: 

The Church of Pentecost Professional Network (COPPN) or in short Pentecost Professional Network (PPN) is a group of individuals who are engaged in every aspect of entrepreneurial, technical, intellectual, or artistic pursuit for the purpose of strengthening the body of Christ through a supportive network of like-minded professionals who are dedicated to helping each other and to impact the next generation through mentorship.


Membership and participation in Pentecost Professional Network (PPN) are open to all professionals within the Church of Pentecost who are engaged in an entrepreneurial, technical, intellectual, or artistic pursuit, and who have the desire to support and mentor others. Membership will require a formal registration, with the requirement for all members to self-identify into an area of expertise or if a student, the desired area of professional aspiration.

   Mission Statement:

To inspire and empower professionals within COP, USA to passionately use their God-given talents, skills, and expertise to serve and promote the mission of Christ. 


 This nationwide network will have two target groups:

 1.      Professionals who are already practicing their craft or are already actively engaged in their area of expertise. Members will be sub-divided into common areas of interest for mutual industry support, opportunity identification, and as technical resources to help advance each other’s professional growth.

2.      Young and aspiring professionals of the Church of Pentecost. This group will be the beneficiary of the mentorship and counseling services that the professionals in the various groups will be availing.


3.      To create one of the largest, most powerful, and well-organized professional networks in America, whose sphere of influence spans across the Church and community.

4.      To identify and unite all Professionals (as defined under Membership) within the Church of Pentecost

5.      To promote and foster spiritual growth among various Professionals within the Church.

6.      To establish a dynamic database of all Professionals in the Church, to foster mentorship programs across the Church.

7.      To create a communication platform for Professionals for effective networking and communal project execution and implementation

8.      To create sub-professional groups based on training and careers.

9.      Each group will be tasked to create a targeted professional plan that can be of benefit to the Church and wider community.

10.   To work on improving the student’s wing in the area of leadership and structure.

 Goals and Objectives

 Targeted training for maximizing professional skills and capabilities.

Mentorship and hands-on training programs

Professional skills to advance national development (Ghana and beyond)

Career counseling and resources for professionals and aspiring professionals

Short-term academic sabbaticals to train/teach students at the Pentecost Univ. College

Internal education series for the local assemblies (i.e., Doctors, pharmacists, financial advisors, estate planning, real estate, etc. organizing internal education programs in the Districts and Regions)

Partnerships with PENTSOS for social services

Regional and national events to encourage a Christ-like perspective on our roles as Christian professionals.

“Blessed To Be a Sender”: Christian Pentecostals supporting Missionaries.

Social Media and Professionals: A Training

Entrepreneurship Support

Business Partnership /Investments

Give back to the community by coordinating socially conscious initiatives to support community efforts.