“Kɔ asɔre” simply means to “go to church”

“Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God’s various gifts of grace.” (1 Peter 4:10) NCV

You might be asking yourself what does this verse have to do with the term “Kɔ asɔre” and what is the main message behind this?  


As believers and Kingdom citizens, it is imperative to understand the importance of stewardship and service in the Kingdom of God. When you  look at the first man created [Adam], He alongside Eve were entrusted with the Garden of Eden, to “work it and take care of it” (Gen 2:15) This is what stewardship is all about- serving and working under the direction of God, within the giftings given to you by God.  With accountability comes responsibility and accountability. This tells us that Adam must have been endowed with gifts that would allow for him to take care of the Garden since God gave him that mandate.. He worked within his giftings, took dominion over the land, and flourished in it, before the fall.  Just as Adam took advantage of his giftings and abilities and used them to the glory of God, we too as Kingdom citizens have been given the mandate to take our VARIOUS gifts to serve others and populate the kingdom of Heaven.  Doing this is how we are able to fulfill our purpose in Christ.


The term “Kɔ asɔre” simply means to “go to church”. When I first first started posting this phrase and sharing it, it was a way of asking who went to church on Sunday. But, later down the line, there was a bigger picture to the phrase that the Holy Spirit wanted me to understand to challenge people.  Everyone has their own unique gift, character traits, and abilities that can be put to good use in the house of God and it is our duty to take these giftings and run with it. These giftings can be used anywhere and can be a blessing to anyone at any given moment.  However, with this movement, I am challenging you to take your God-given gifts to put them to use at your local place of worship. If you are gifted with an instrument, START playing in your local assembly. If you have a voice or love to sing, but are too shy, join the Music Family within your local place of worship.  If you are ice cold with a camera and gifted with an artistic mind, GO TO YOUR LOCAL AND START RECORDING SERVICES AND TAKING FLICKS. If you are great in communication and helping others, GO TO YOUR LOCAL Presiding Elder about joining the Ushering Ministry. If you love kids and want to help with their growth, GO TO YOUR LOCAL AND ASK TO BE A SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. These are just a tip of the iceberg as there are numerous ministries within your local place of worship.. Sometimes as young folks, we have a tendency of always complaining that our churches are always operated by the older folks and do not give the younger generation a shot. Yes, to an extent, it is true, but what are YOU doing to change this?  We have to be the change that we aspire to see.  Are you putting yourself out there for the leaders in your church to see that you have a gift that you are willing to put to use or are you in the back chilling on your phone for the duration of the services you attend?  The choice is up to us.  Let us break this behavior, and begin to activate our gifts of grace in our places of worship for the expansion of the Kingdom and glory of God to be seen. In all this, if we are able to put these gifts to use on earth, it is written that our reward in Heaven will be greater than anything that this earth could offer.  Hallelujah!   Let us not be classified as a lazy servant like the man in Matthew 25, but with the little that we have, let us put to good use the giftings that God has freely given unto us.  In order for us to enjoy Church, we have to be willing to step out in faith and operate within our giftings.  KO ASORE!! Follow us on Instagram @koasore_mvmt

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