(Instructions for Regional Leaders/Reps….please read this in it’s entirety)

Hello blessed family, our National Bible Reading Marathon is underway 🕺🏾, and we would like to provide information in one message so that we can begin coordinating video uploads at our respective districts and locals.

1. Sing Up

Each region has been assigned a set of book(s) of the Bible (refer to flyer above). Please use this spreadsheet to assign Books/Chapters to each district in your region. Regional leaders/representatives will be responsible for ensuring that progress is being made with Bible reading assignments.

2. Video Recording and upload

A Google Folder has been created for videos to be uploaded. Each region has a folder that has been created, with subfolders corresponding to the assigned books of the Bibles. Individuals are to 

1️⃣ Record video(s) for the chapter(s) they chose IN LANDSCAPE format. Please state the Book and Chapter before you read. 
2️⃣ Upload the video to the appropriate Google subfolder within the regional folder

3️⃣ Change the title of the video to the Bible Chapter that was read. (Example: “Genesis 1”)

📝 In case one person decides to read more than one chapter, please record one video per        chapter, so that it’s easy for the regional media team to compile all videos

3. Regional Master Video

Regional leaders/Reps will coordinate with their PENTMedia/ Media team to compile all videos chronologically into a single video. The Directorate craves your indulgence and diligence in helping us with this.

The goal is to have the 12 videos from the 12 regions compiled a single video, which will be premiered on YouTube in early March.

If leaders/reps have any questions, please contact Eld. Jeff at 510-227-4348. God bless you all for your support in making this happen. 🙏🏾🫶🏾

Bible Reading Marathon