PENSA DIGEST: Looking Ahead

Our Strategic Focus For Upcoming Year

By Ps. Dr. G. Mike Portuphy, National Leader, Youth/PENSA USA

It’s been about 16 years already since PENSA USA kicked off, in the quest to mobilize the young people of the Church in the USA. So much has happened as newer generations emerge and take over the mantle of leadership. It remains interesting how the growth of the Church in the United States continue to birth hundreds of youth into PENSA  each year, besides the souls that are being won each year on the University campuses. The leadership of the ministry continue to strategize on new ways to engage a rapidly changing youthful generation and particularly to retain them in a church that is largely an immigrant one.

As these reflections continue, I’d like to seize the opportunity to highlight a couple of items that are emerging as priorities in our quest to possess the nations and preserve the future of the church in the diaspora. The first of this is LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. The second is CAMPUS MINISTRY, and the third is SOCIAL NETWORKING & VIRTUAL MOBILIZATION.  The future of the ministry and the church at large hinges on these three pivots.  In wrapping up a COVID –year 2020 and looking into 2021, these major aspects of ministry would be essential in all that we do as a ministry, as we rely on grace and the guidance of the fathers of the church. I will add a few remarks on these aspects of our strategic plan.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:  This remains a critical part of our efforts as we look into the coming years. As our fathers and mothers age with time, there will arise the need for the younger to take on leadership roles that would guarantee continued growth and impact of the Church. Our goal is therefore to promote effective leadership training opportunities that will prepare the younger generation of the Church to take on more leadership roles in and out of the Church setting. Young people of the Youth and PENSA Ministry must be integrated into leadership at every level of the organizational structure. This is how they would learn to uphold the helpful practices of the church and add their own contemporary flair to make the kingdom even more relatable. There must therefore be an intentional effort to disciple and integrate young people into leadership.

CAMPUS MINISTRY: The Campuses provide either an exit door for our youth to leave the kingdom once they are in college, or a place for spiritual formation and leadership development. The onus lies on the Church and all of us, which path we want our young people to take. Our College students are the future professionals who would bring their expertise and resources to bolster church growth. We cannot just sit and assume that they’ll be fine when they go to college. We must be intentional about opening new campus ministries and equipping them to nurture and develop the faith of members. We would continue to hold our annual Spring and Fall semester Campus Ministry Seminars in the quest to fulfil this noble agenda. It would be a helpful activity to have all ministers of our great Church trained on the initiation and running of campus ministries.

SOCIAL NETWORKING & VIRTUAL MOBILIZATION: We have been blessed to establish a strong Social Media Team called NYPSON.  This team would strengthened to lead efforts to build a solid following for our members. Our goal is to mobilize as many young people as we can, through social networking. That sense of belonging and togetherness would make a large team ready to take on initiatives such as mission trips, PENSA National Conferences and many more. In the wake of a new COVID era, we cannot but to show that we have adjusted well with the changing trend towards social media.

On this note, we also ask you to start preparing for PENSA 2021. Our conference machine is beginning to toll out as we search for a most appropriate venue and mobilize ourselves for yet a greater outpouring of grace and glory. Join the move as we possess the nations together.

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